About Us


When trying to choose which carpet cleaning company you want to come to your home and be around your furnishings, your family, and your valuables, sometimes it ultimately comes down to which carpet cleaner you trust. Is it better to use the national franchise because of their recognizable name or do you look for something more to help make your purchasing decision? What makes your decision more difficult is that every cleaning company has a lot to offer and will give a multitude of reasons for you to call them.

With Plush Carpet Cleaning, it may not be enough to know we've been satisfying tens of thousands of Utah families since 1983, with our unique method and service. It may not be enough to know that Angie's List gives Plush a solid A grade. It may not be enough to see the testimonials by several of our own customers. If only there was some way to know who to trust. 

In 2009, the Daily Herald newspaper began conducting an annual poll where readers were invited to "vote" for companies that they considered to be the "BEST" at what they do. Plush Carpet Cleaning was awarded eight years in THE BEST CARPET CLEANING category. No other carpet cleaning company can make that claim. 

The reason we include this information is to suggest that you don't need to rely on what individual carpet cleaning companies advertise; instead you can make a better decision by the votes of tens of thousands of people in the county where you live. Your neighbors, your friends, and many others agreed that we should win an award seven seven years. So who should you trust when they claim they are the best?